Often times we see and hear older men of God whose teachings and power demonstrations prompt our hearts to covet what they are carrying.

We’ve seen and heard several men of God who travel to nations of the earth to connect to a particular operation of Grace in the life of a man of God. Their desire is to start carrying what that man of God is carrying.

From the biblical point of view, such actions cannot be disputed against. Then why are we raising dust since there is nothing wrong with these moves?

Our major focus here is that of encouraging caution.

The major prerequisite that will help you avoid falling into error as you desire to carry what others are carrying is to ensure that:

1. You are a Bible student. 2. You are a praying Christian not an occasional visitor. 3. You are a reflective believer. A thinker.

It is obvious that if you don’t possess these qualities you will end up becoming a victim of circumstances. You will not only carry the good things you see in the life of that man of God but will also carry his errors.

When you begin to carry what a womanizing pastor carries; you begin to see the forces of womanizing, operating in you. Likewise pride, idolatry, witchcraft, and other works of the flesh.

We want you as a Christian who desire to do exploit for God to be cautious. Be spiritually sensitive so that you don’t become a casualty. Don’t invite for yourself an unnecessary battle.


Ehud Solomon

Published by Liberty House Ministries

Liberty House Ministries is committed to raising men and women who are purpose driven; reaching the peak of God's purpose for their lives. Living full to die empty.

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